• Dear Hackettstown and Great Meadows Regional Schools community members,


    This past November, our communities witnessed the first joint public meeting of the Boards of Education.  This meeting was conducted to explore the possibility of realigning our schools K-6 and altering the send/receive relationship between the townships in grades 7 and 8.  While this was the most discussed option from the feasibility study, it was an opportunity to enhance academic achievement and standards while contending with the rising enrollment in Hackettstown and decreasing enrollment in Great Meadows.  Ultimately, each of these challenges has an adverse economic effect on our facilities. After much public debate, the Boards of Education decided to move in different directions, while always having the study as a mechanism to drive our future Long Range Facility Plans (LRFP).


    In Hackettstown, the Board of Education selected to alter our existing neighborhood school structure into a hybrid grade based school structure. Beginning September 1, 2019, Willow Grove School will become a PK-1 facility and Hatchery Hill School will service grades 2-4.  The Hackettstown Middle School will remain a grades 5-8 building due in large part to the possible negative effect and capacity concerns of moving the 5th grade to the elementary level.  This restructure will enable staff to generate more productive professional development opportunities, maximization of preparation time and alignment of student learning standards - all in which equates into positive student growth.


    If you recall during one of our several special meetings last spring, Pre-School services were presented to the public as an opportunity to immerse students into our school community prior to kindergarten enhancing their social, emotional and learning skill set.  Additionally, this will provide a steady stream of revenue for the school district while helping to defray the cost of daycare services to parents.  We witnessed tremendous growth in student achievement and social and emotional behavior with Pre-K programs implemented in Great Meadows.  If you have an opportunity, please contact Mr. Michael Mai, Central School Principal, to schedule a visit.


    In Great Meadows, the Board of Education chose to operate as we have in the past and not “mothball” or “suspend” Liberty School as presented as a possible option in the feasibility study.  This option was presented due to the drastic drop in population in Independence and Liberty townships.  While we cannot yet determine what this means from a future sustainability perspective, we are pleased to offer all three facilities to students, staff and community members in the 2018-2019 school year. 


    During the month of March, Shared Services Director of Security, Stephen Speirs, and I conducted a security presentation to our communities at the Hackettstown High School.  The presentation focused upon district initiatives which began in 2013. It provided historical perspective and possible future security enhancements.  The presentation is posted on our district websites for review. In addition, Mr. Speirs and I have been requested to conduct similar school security presentations at New Jersey School Board Associations’ Warren County meeting and the Sparta School District’s Safety and Security Summit. 

    We take the security of our students and staff very seriously and it remains a top priority for the districts.


    The next few months will move by very quickly so below is an update as to what you can expect at future Board of Education meetings which commence at 7 pm:


    April 18th   Hackettstown Public Board of Education Meeting

    April 24th   Great Meadows Regional Public Board of Education Meeting

                        18-19 Budget Hearing

    May 2nd     Hackettstown Public Board of Education Meeting

                        18-19 Budget Hearing

    May 16th    Hackettstown Public Board of Education Meeting

                        Teacher of the Year recognition

    May 22nd    Great Meadows Regional Public Board of Education Meeting

                        Teacher of the Year recognition

    June 13th    Hackettstown Public Board of Education Meeting 

                        2016-2018 District Goals Presentation

                        L.R.F.P. Presentation – Ms. Woicekowski

    June 26th    Great Meadows Regional Public Board of Education Meeting

                         2016-2018 District Goals Presentation

                         L.R.F.P. Presentation – Mr. Havlusch


    I would like to take this opportunity to wish all community members a relaxing spring season and enjoyable summer.




    David C. Mango

    Superintendent of Schools

    Great Meadows Regional and Hackettstown Public Schools