The Talented Art Program is a wonderful opportunity for students who exhibit exceptional ability in the visual arts. Students meet once a week to explore new media and concepts. We will be having portfolio reviews in May for the following academic year. Students who are applying for the program should be able to maintain an A average in art, they should consistently excel in all media and projects, and they should be able to reach beyond the expectations of lesson objectives.

      Portfolio requirements:

      1.       You must be in grades 3– 5 for the upcoming academic year.

      2.     You must submit 5 pieces of original artwork

      a.      3 pieces of art that were done with a teacher’s guidance

      b.     2 pieces of art that were created at home

      3.     All work must be 2-dimensional, correctly labeled with your first and last name, school, and teacher’s name and grade on it.

      4.     Artwork needs to be submitted neatly together in a folder, bag, or portfolio.

      5.     Artwork needs to reflect different media (paint, pastel, pencil, marker, collage).

      6.     Artwork needs to show variety in subject matter (portrait, landscape, still life, fantasy, etc.)

      Please leave your portfolio with your art teacher by

      Tuesday, May 31st


      Student portfolios will be returned and students will be notified about acceptance by the end of the school year.


      Tjasa Bienus - Central School         tbienus@gmrsd.com

      Maria Levenstein –Liberty School    mlevenstein@gmrsd.com

      Maggie Horsey- GMMS                  mhorsey@gmrsd.com