• Dear Parents and Guardians, 

    As our district, along with all other districts throughout the state, begin to operate virtually due to COVID-19 precautionary measures, I wanted to reassure you that, just as our teachers having been planning to educate your child remotely, our Child Study Team members have also been preparing to assist your child's needs from home. As we navigate through these uncharted waters, I ask for your patience and support while we move forward. 

    As this is a new situation for all, we will do our best to support you and your family. As a parent myself, I understand the difficulties that this can present to you when you care for your families, which, is of course, your highest priority. Please know that our CST members are here to assist you and our goals are to continue to support you and your family.

    Over the next few days you will be receiving emails from all of the staff members that work with your child and maintain their educational program.  This may feel overwhelming at first but please know that staff will be available to support you via email, (and possibly teleconferencing) during the posted school hours. (All schools will be operating on a regular half day schedule).  As of Tuesday, March 17, Child Study Team will continue to hold and schedule annual review meetings and manage your child’s program remotely utilizing Google Hangouts. Case managers will be contacting parents via email, notifying them of the meeting. Parents will have the option of clicking a link to take them to the meeting or calling in using the phone number and pin provided in the email. We strongly recommend using the phone-in option. If, for whatever reason, you, as the parent or guardian wish to postpone the meeting to a future date, please email your child's case manager. Please note as of today we have not received any guidance from the state releasing schools from the mandated timelines associated with IEP meeting dates, therefore we strongly encourage all parents to participate via phone.

    In regards to related services, please know, as with any extended absences, all related service providers will be assessing students upon our return to determine if additional time or sessions are warranted. Our speech therapists have created activities to support your child’s skill acquisition while at home. These activities should have been received, if you did not receive any speech related activities please reach out to your child's service provider or case manager. In addition, for those who have children who receive physical and/or occupational therapy, we have posted some activities you can do with their child to help keep them active and engaged in gross and fine motor activities in an effort to maintain their current skill level. Any missed counseling sessions will be made up by either increasing session minutes or by additional sessions.

    As always, I thank you for all your efforts and support while we move forward with this plan.  I, as well as Mrs. Castiglia, will also be available via email to support you if you have any questions.  More information will be posted to our district’s website under the CST tab.