•  Dear Great Meadows Regional School District Community Members,


    As the spring season approaches, there is much taking place between the district, our staff and community stakeholders.  The district is currently embarking on a district-wide school realignment.  Several district realignment scenarios have been discussed throughout my tenure as Superintendent of Schools but I truly believe that realignment was our best option for maintaining our current academic programs given the fiscal restrictions.  This is a major cultural shift for our students, staff and parents alike but if we partner together it can be positive and successful change.  Aside from the realignment change next year, the district will no longer operate on a 90-minute delay and will instead operate on a 2-hour delay schedule when inclement weather arrives and or for emergency purposes. 


    Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions which have been discussed and shared at our public Board of Education meetings.  Going forward, I ask that as community members, you partner with our district during this transition and when possible, become active participants at our public Board of Education meetings. 


    Great Meadows Regional School District 2019-2020 Realignment – FAQ and Answers

    • What is Central School’s capacity? 316
    • What is Central School’s 2019-2020 projected student enrollment (PK-3)? Without Pre-K - 257
    • What is the GMMS capacity? 480
    • What is GMMS 2019-2020 projected student projected student enrollment (grades 4-8)? 358
    • Will students K-8 be transported together? No, busing will remain as it currently is this year with the only difference being a stop at GMMS instead of Liberty.
    • Will all students grades K-8 operate on the same bell schedule? No, grades K-5 will operate on the same bell schedule.  They will start at 8:50 am and end at 3:20 pm.  GMMS, grades 6-8, will start at 7:50 am and dismiss at 2:30 pm.
    • Will homeroom age change or be altered? No, it will remain the same.
    • Will elective programs change or be altered? No, it will remain the same.
    • How many staff will be lost due to the mothballing of Liberty School? Two control roster positions will be lost – one nurse, one media specialist due to mothballing Liberty School.  Due to a decrease in enrollment we will also lose three control roster positions – two resource room positions and one behavioral disability position.  These classes will consolidate and still be well within State regulations.
    • Will students in grades 4 and 5 eat lunch together? Yes, they will share the last lunch period which begins at 12:35 pm.
    • When will the GMMS Tour or Open House take place? Tuesday, August 22, 2019 with a start time of 6:00 pm.
    • Will my taxes go down due to the “mothball” of Liberty School? No, your tax dollars support all district programs and they will remain intact.
    • Are there additional safety and security benefits? Yes, having a one campus district offers law enforcement and rescue workers a much faster response time for emergency purposes.
    • Are there any other benefits to a one campus district? Yes, more effective and efficient sharing of resources and staff.  As well as transportation for K-5 students will be more streamlined and less time consuming.


    The next few months will move by very quickly so below is an update as to what you can expect at future Board of Education meetings which commence at 7 pm:


    April 29th ……...   Great Meadows Public Board of Education Meeting - 19-20 Budget Hearing

    May 21st.………  Great Meadows Public Board of Education Meeting - Teacher of the Year recognition, Teacher Retirement


    June 18th ………. Great Meadows Public Board of Education Meeting - 2018-2019 District Goals Update

    June 21st ………   Last Day of School for all.  -   8th Grade Graduation Ceremony to begin at 5:00 pm


    I would like to take this opportunity to wish all community members a relaxing spring season and a safe and enjoyable summer.



    David C. Mango

    Superintendent of Schools

    Hackettstown Public School and Great Meadows Regional School Districts