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Superintendents Message 2016-2017


Dear Great Meadows Regional School District Community Members,

Welcome to the start of the 2016-2017 school year.  Our district will continue forward with its commitment of its success of all students, preparing for an array of positive educational experiences for this coming year.

As our summer season comes to an end, our school district looks forward to opening our doors for your children, families, and members of our community.  The summer season is always a time for catching up with family and glancing ahead to the future.  Central Office, along with the Board of Education and district administration, have been working towards the completion of current and future projects throughout the summer season.

This past summer our district has had the pleasure of welcoming back our PSD program located in Central School.  We have also continued to maximize our state funding capitalizing on our ESY program at the Middle School.  Our ESY program affords students and staff a multitude of opportunities for summer learning and growth.  While our PSD program affords parents the opportunities for their children to stay within district and begin the assimilation process into our Central School.  Central office and the BOE continue to look forward to the future with the possibility of beautification projects, maximizing space district-wide and developing a long range facility plan.

The district has created new two year goals per building.  This coming year, you will be informed at Back to School Night and updated at principal forums as to what these goals are and progress made at achieving these goals.  As always, we look to partner with parents in sharing information.  Please check the district and school websites for the times and locations for informative and personal principal forums.

Lastly, beginning at our October public Board of Education meeting, the district will observe the first ever Student of The Month ceremonies.  Throughout the summer months, inter-district administrators are developing criteria for this achievement and honor.  Students at the highest grade level per building will have an opportunity to be recognized at our monthly Board of Education meetings.  We are excited for this process to commence!  I do look forward to partnering with all constituents of our school communities in achieving district goals while embarking on our upcoming journey which will be the 2016-2017 school year.


David C. Mango
Superintendent of Schools
Great Meadows Regional School District
Hackettstown School District