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What is Just Right Reading?

Just Right Reading is an independent, leveled, daily reading program designed to encourage reading for pleasure and fluency, as well as a direct home connection and accountability for daily reading.
For Students: books that are self-selected and on their level, time to read in school and at home, Reading Log and Folder (provided by school)
For Teachers: library of properly-leveled books in classroom, incentive chart, prizes for reaching goals, conference logs/running records, pen for signing logs in school
For Parents/Guardians: books, a quiet space for children to read, pen for signing logs
Students are asked to read a minimum of 1 "step" on their reading log every night. The amount of reading that equals a step may vary by grade level (Kindergarten is typically 10 minutes; Grades 1 and 2 are 15-20 minutes).
Parents/Guardians sign reading log at home every night. A child may read as many steps as he/she likes and the parent will sign that many lines on the Reading Log.
Teachers sign Reading Logs whenever students read independently in school (students typically get a "step" during silent reading or story time in school, so the preferred amount is 2 steps per day).
As students complete Reading Logs, they are awarded small prizes in class as determined by the teacher and are able to fill in a space on their incentive chart (as indicated by the teacher). Displaying the incentive chart is important so students can see how they are progressing throughout the year.
Once per month, a medal ceremony is held in the gym. Students reaching certain goals (25 steps, 50, 100, and so on) will receive medals that they can personalize and decorate.
Choose a set reading time during every school day. A "step" does not have to be done all at once if time does not allow. For example, if a kindergarten student reads 5 minutes before school and 5 minutes before bed, that counts as 1 "step."
When students finish classwork or homework early, allow them to read independently while others are finishing their work/chores, etc. Any time is a great time to read!!!
The most important aspect of Just Right Reading is that students read books that they enjoy to foster a greater love of reading.