• January 2023

    Dear Guardians, 

    Starting this month, the Middle School will be offering students in 6th-8th grades the option to participate in a voluntary after school Diversity Club. The goal for this club is to provide a safe space for all students to help and learn about diversity, as well as learn to advocate for their fellow peers, no matter their race, gender, gender identity, religion, sexual orientation, disability, ancestry, or physical appearance. The club welcomes any student that wants to volunteer to participate, will work to help students understand each other better, and work to strengthen the ties of our school community. 

    Meetings will be held every other Thursday from 2:30pm-3:30pm through May. Our first meeting will be Thursday January 26th. The meeting schedule will be distributed at the first meeting. Busing will not be provided. Guardians will have to pick up their student at 3:30 near the front entrance. 

    If you give your child permission to attend, please download the form using the link above to complete and have your child return it to Mrs. Mihail or Mrs. Pach.  


    Meghan Mihail and Casey Pach