• Welcome to Great Meadows Middle School! I hope that this year is filled with much success, enthusiasm and positive changes for our students as they continue their journey into adulthood. At the middle school, you will find a wide variety of programs that include STEM/technology education, art/life skills, chorus, instrumental music, computers and applications, world language (Spanish), wellness and your core academic areas of math, science, English language arts and social studies. We also have a wide variety of after school clubs and activities that engage our students in a positive manner to help build real world experience in collaboration, team work, problem solving, public outreach, public relations, community service and citizenship. Students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities by joining Student Leadership Corp, Student Council, Interscholastic Volleyball for boys and girls, Fitness Club, Intramural Basketball, Chess Club, Drama Club, Nasa Build It! Club, and new for 2017-18, Coding Club and Engineering Club. We also hold annual academic events such as Battle of the Books & Battle of the Minds to keep our students engaged at all levels.

    The middle school operates on a quarterly basis with 4 marking periods per year in all areas except Encore (specials) classes, which run on a trimester and rotating schedule. All classes are heterogeneously grouped with the exception of mathematics, eighth grade honors ELA and eighth grade honors science. Mathematics is grouped by ability level which is determined by students’ academic performance, in-house standardized assessments (Edmentum) and teacher developed mathematics readiness assessments. Students who show outstanding academic performance are placed on the honor roll each marking period. Students in sixth grade who attain grades of B (80) or higher will be placed on the honor roll. Students in grades seven & eight must attain a grade of A (90) or higher in each class to receive high honors.

    In the middle school, you will find a highly motivated faculty that has the best interest of our students and their future in mind. Working together with parents and the community, we will be able to foster an environment that is compassionate and caring but does not overlook the high expectations and academic rigor essential for our students’ success today and in the future.

    If at any time you wish to find out more about our middle school or would like to speak with me about your child and his/her progress, please do not hesitate to call. I can be reached by email at imarmolejos@gmrsd.com or by phone (908) 637-4349 Ext 204. I look forward to working with you, your children and serving the Great Meadows community.