• Honeywell Instant Alert

    Help Sheet for Staff



    This message was made to help staff get started using the new emergency phone dialing system from Honeywell.  Please let me know if you see items needing correction or addition.




    From any web browser (Internet Explorer..etc) go to this address

    https://instantalert.honeywell.com/InstantAlert/Login.aspx  .  You will need to enter your username and password.  If you can not remember your login information please contact Mike Hann for assistance.

    At the screen that appears select the Staff option to access your account details.





    Once logged into your account detail click on the  words “Change Password” at the top of the screen and follow the instructions.




    1) Edit any phone numbers you want (Cells, Home, Work) or email addresses (Home, Work, Family).

    Click on the “Alert Setup” tab at the top of the screen (see the screen shot below).


    -         -  Edit existing numbers or email address by clicking in the field and editing the values.

    -         -  Change the Alert Types you want sent to each number/email by checking or unchecking the boxes beneath the

      Alert Type heading.

    o   What is an Alert Type?

    - Alert types are a method for the creator of the alert to assign a priority to the message.

    - Whenever an administrator creates an alert they assign an alert type classification to the alert.

    - Alert Types include:

    ·         School Closing (highest importance)

    ·         High Importance

    ·         Transportation

    ·         Activities

    ·         General (least importance)

    -         -  Changing times you wish to allow alerts to be sent to each number or email address.

    o   You can change the Calls Start or Calls End values using the drop down lists next to each number or email address.

    o   *IMPORTANT* please make sure not to limit your main point of contact to less than all day or you may not receive alerts regarding closures or other high importance messages.


    2) Add new numbers or email addresses.

    Using the drop down list beside the “*Add New Device” field (see below) select the device you wish to add. This can be a Phone, Email, Cell Text, Pager as shown below.


    -         -  The next screen will look different depending on the type of device you wish to add.

    -          - Complete the fields for your new

    -        -   Here you can also set which alert types (School Closing, High Importance, etc.) you want to be sent to each

      number or email address.

    -         -  It is highly recommended that you leave the time windows with Midnight to Midnight to make certain you don’t

      miss any early morning notices sent out.