GATE, etc.

    This page will be the one-stop shopping site for the various programs and activities that I coordinate, including the GATE classes at both schools and the Kindergarten STEM class at Central.

    This page will also offer information on trips and after-school competitions, such as Battle of the Books and Battle of the Minds.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at bnutt@gmrsd.com.



         PLEASE NOTE: With the extended school closures, I will be updating this page and the various Google Classrooms on a daily basis.  I encourage every GATE student to visit our Google Classrrom daily.

         GATE class has a weekly goal, which is posted on Google Classroom.  Students are expected to spend approximately 45 minutes (for grade 3-5) or 70 minutes (for grades 6-8) on GATE activities each week.

         By Friday, all GATE students must let me know what progress they made on their projects.  You may either share the actual work with me or you may create a Google Doc letting me know what you did.  The Google Doc may be uploaded on Google Classroom, shared with me so I may edit it, or sent to me by e-mail.

        Please let me know if you have any questions.




    Kindergarten STEM

    These small groups meet once a week for different types of activities related to science and engineering.  They are currently learning about buoyancy and how objects are able to float.


    3rd Grade GATE

    With the conclusion of the bridge-building activity, the students will begin a unit on space.  The long-term project will involve research of one of the planets (or dwarf planets or the asteroid belt) in our solar system.  A full list of expectations are posted on Google Classroom.


    4th Grade GATE

    Students have begun their state research, which will also involve learning about US geography.  A full list of information that should be included is on Google Classroom.


    5th Grade GATE

    The students are finishing up their unit on flight.  The next unit on world geography will include researching a specific country for its geography, history, and culture.  The list of expectations are posted on Google Classroom.


    6th Grade GATE

    All students are working on the Stock Market Game, which continues through April 24.  They are learning about such investment instruments as bonds and mutual funds, besides stock.  If we are in school, the students will begin a STEM project.  Otherwise, the students will select an event in New Jersey history to research and report. Their presentations will include both a physical project and a dramatic presentation. Choices may include the duel between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr, the Lindbergh kidnapping, the Hindenburg disaster, and the War of the Worlds broadcast.  For full details, check Google Classroom.


    7th Grade GATE

    Students are designing and building prosthetic joints and limbs.  Some students have elected to work on the Stock Market Game, which continues through April 24.  In the event of district closing, I am moving up a unit on global citizenship.  Details of this unit are posted on Google Classroom


    8th Grade GATE

    Students are working on STEM projects of their own choosing, using a variety of materials.   In late April we will start preparing for our trip to see To Kill a Mockingbird on Broadway.  Some students have elected to work on the Stock Market Game, which continues through April 24.  In the event of district closing, the 8th graders should be working on independent projects that they will present at GATE Night toward the end of the year.



    Through the Warren County Consortium for Student Enrichment, students in Great Meadows schools are part of several competitions and group activities.


    Battle of the Books

    A team competition in which students read and answer questions about 10 books from a prepared list.  Interested students should begin reading the books now.  Grade-level teams for grades 5 through 8 have been selected.  Teacms for grades 3 and 4 will be selected by early March.


    Book list - Grade 5/6 Battle of the Books

    Book list - Grade 3/4 Battle of the Books




    March 25 - Strategic Thinking Day for Grade 5 GATE has been cancelled and will not be rescheduled


    Grade 5/6 Battle of the Books will not be held at the Middle School.  However, the Warren County Consortium is considering other options, including an online competition.  More information will be forthcoming.


    May 19 - Grade 3/4 Battle of the Books, Oxford Street School, Belvidere, 4 to 8 p.m. (tentative)


    May 27 - 8th grade GATE trip to NYC (To Kill a Mockingbird) (tentative)


     June 1 - GATE Night (tentative), Great Meadows Middle School, 7 p.m.

    (This page last updated: March 16, 2020)