Great Meadows Regional School District PTO
    2012-2013 School Year


    Dear Teachers and Staff of GMRSD grades K-5,

    The GMRSD PTO has a goal of helping to enrich the educational and extracurricular experience for all the students in our district. One of the ways we feel we can be helpful is by offering teacher grants.

    These would be monetary contributions to enhance curriculum or to purchase supplies to meet specific educational needs. Some examples of past grants include: a flat screen TV for the WLSN TV studio at Liberty School, new projector for the ELMO cart, a world map and globe, garden tools, 2 V-Tech Nitro Notebooks, gym equipment, music instruments, and books.

    The GMRSD PTO encourages Administrators & Teacher to submit applications for grants for the 2012/2013 school year. However, this year we will be reviewing and voting on the grants a bit differently. We have a total of $7,500 that we would like to grant out this year. All grants submitted by October 3rd will be voted on at the October 10th PTO meeting. We will grant out up to 50% of our budgeted amount or $3,750. Then at our January 9th meeting we will vote on grants submitted after the October 3rd deadline. Should money remain, we will again review and vote on grants at our April 17th PTO meeting. We hope to use all the money budgeted this year to help you enhance the learning of our children. Please take advantage of this opportunity!

    Grant Procedures

    1.       Complete the grant request form and attach 3 price quotes for the requested item and place in PTO mailbox prior to scheduled meeting

    2.       Administrator and/or teacher must attend the PTO meeting in which their grant request will be reviewed and answer any questions about their grant request.

    3.       Teacher must present all requests and purchases to his/her School Principal.

    4.       Only one request per school year from each teacher and/or administrator.

    5.       Grant requests equaling more than $750 may require additional time and the PTO may ask for additional information.