• These instructions are for parents and guardians who have received notification from their school that Lexia Reading can be used at home.

    1. Can Your Computer Run Lexia Reading?

    Hold the Control key down and click on the system requirements below to check if your computer can run Lexia Reading.

    • or enter http://www.lexialearning.com/products/mylexia/faqs/sys_req5.html into your browser.
    2. Download Student Software
    Print or view the Getting Started document for detailed information on installing on your computer by holding the Control key down and clicking on the link below
    or enter the address shown above into your internet browser.
    You will need to agree to the license agreement before getting to the webpage containing the installation instructions, system requirements, and the software downloads themselves. Pick the appropriate version of the software based on your computer operating system.

    3. Install & Configure

    • Please read the installation instructions for step by step instructions.
    • For both Windows and Macintosh follow the screen prompts until you get to the Customer Code Screen. You will need your 16 digit customer code (contact your child's school).
      • Customer Code: Liberty : contact your school secretary
      • Note: If you have difficulties logging into the program please contact Mr. Mike Hann at (908)637-4349 x217 for assistance.
    • No other configuration changes are recommended. Click Next to continue. When you are ready to install, click Finish.
    • Do you filter content on your home computer? Please configure all content-filtering software, firewalls, and browsers on your home systems to allow access to student.mylexia.com and update.lexialearning.com via SSL (port 443).

    4. Student Software Use

    Double-click on the Lexia Reading icon on your desktop to launch the software.

    You will need your child's username and password to login (contact your child's school).

    Lexia Readingsoftware is intended for independent practice by the student with no assistance from parents or siblings. Please allow your son/daughter to work in the program at their own pace without assistance.