• Dear Friend:
    WELCOME TO THE GREAT MEADOWS GATE PAGE! Before you explore this page, you should know a few things:
    1) Despite the name, this page is NOT limited to the students in the Great Meadows GATE program. Anyone is welcome to browse any of these sites.
    2) If you run into a problem with a link, please contact me. I'll do my best to see that the problem is corrected.
    3) Similarly, if you come across a page that you think would be a valuable addition to this page, please contact me! This page is definitely a work-in-progress, and input from the people who visit will be greatly appreciated.
    4) The “Space” link takes you to “Space Explorers,” a terrific site about all things extraterrestrial, but you need to log on. The login name is “jaguar-s01” (That's a hyphen, followed by a lower-case “s,” followed by the numerals “0” and “1”). The password is “gaters” (Note that it's all lowercase letters.) Again, if you run into difficulties, please notify me.
    5) This page would not exist without Mr. Michael Hann, our district technology maven. He deserves every accolade for his efforts to make this page the best it can be.
    Thank you for visiting the Great Meadows GATE page! Enjoy your stay!
    Bill Nutt
    GATE Instructor
    (908) 637-4349, ext. 253