• Participants looking to attend the July 27, 2020 Great Meadows Virtual Town Hall can do so by utilizing this link (Click Here) to view the Live Stream of the meeting.  Anyone from the public can view the meeting as long as they log in with a gmrsd.com account.  Staff members and students can use their Great Meadows google account.  Members of the public that do not have a Great Meadows google account should login as livestream@gmrsd.com using the password of GreatMeadows!. This account and the Live Stream will open a few minutes  before the advertised start time of 7:00 PM and will close upon proper adjournment of the meeting by the members of the Board of Education.  Please check the "Help using the livestream@gmrsd.com account" link to the left for instructions on using the livestream@gmrsd.com account.

    Public Comment(s) will be handled by sending an email to the public comment email address pc@gmrsd.com

    In order for a public comment to be considered for the record of the meeting, it must include the name and home address of the member of the public.  The email addresses for public comment will be “turned on” an hour prior to the start of the meeting.  They will be monitored in real time  during the meeting and read aloud with the understanding that all of the conditions mentioned above have been met.  The email addresses will be disabled until the proper time before the next public meeting, once that respective portion of the agenda has been addressed.