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    Welcome to Great Meadows Regional Schools Facilities and Maintenance



    Facilities and Maintenance Departments have the responsibility to maintain and improve all buildings within the district. 

    The role of the Facilities and Maintenance Departments is to support the students and staff by providing an enabling, safe, and operationally functional educational environment while protecting the community's investment in facilities and equipment.
    Our Director of Facilities and Maintenance Mr. Dave White is responsible to oversee both the Facilities and Maintenance Departments.  Any concerns regarding the areas of facilities, maintenance, and grounds should be directed to his office. This would include:
    • Air Conditioning
    • Architecture
    • Cabinet Making
    • Carpentry
    • Electric 
    • Concrete and Masonry
    • Construction
    • Design and Planning
    • Heating
    • Playgrounds
    • Plumbing
    • Snow Removal
    • School Grounds 
    • Ventilation