• On days when inclement weather arrives after school is in session, you may also call the auto attendant numbers.  If an early closing has been decided, the message will state the time of the dismissal and any other pertinent information.  The auto attendant numbers listed below and the district website are the only school numbers that will have emergency closing, delayed opening or early release information.
    Although we make every effort to keep children in school for the full session once they have arrived, some circumstances may require an early release. PLEASE BE SURE THAT YOU HAVE A PLAN IN PLACE TO CARE FOR YOUR CHILDREN SHOULD IT BE NECESSARY FOR SCHOOL TO DISMISS EARLIER THAN NORMAL.  We never want a child to go home to a locked house and not know what to do.  If special arrangements need to be made, please inform your school principal.  We want ALL CHILDREN TO BE SAFE.  Again, PLEASE PLAN AHEAD.