• This message is being sent to notify parents, staff, and students of the different methods to check for school delays or closures.  In most instances the Realtime system will be all that is needed.  But no system is infallible so we are providing other methods you can use in the information to follow.


    1) Realtime Instant Alert: 


    Hopefully, this is the only method needed.  But, the system is subject to problems with cell phone circuits, landline phone circuits, misconfiguration issues, and system overloads.


    Things you can do to reduce the chances of not receiving a message:


    -         Login to the system to check that there are no time restrictions that may block a delivery.

    o        We start delay and closure messages around 5:00am to make every effort to contact parents and staff before they leave home.

    -         Enter more than one phone or method of notification in your setup.

    o        This way if your home phone is not able to be reached there is another method you can receive messages.

    -         Verify your phone numbers, and email addresses (if used) are up to date.



    2) School Website Announcements:


    The district posts to each school home page and the district home page notice of any closure or delay within minutes of beginning a Realtime Instant Alert message.


    District Website: https://www.gmrsd.com

    Central Elementary Website: https://www.gmrsd.com/central.htm

    Middle School Website: https://www.gmrsd.com/middle.htm



    3) Listen to the radio for our district in the listing of closures:


    Delays and Closures are announced on station WRNJ  1510 am radio.