• Great Meadows Regional School District

    Department of Special Education



    What is a referral?

    A referral is a written request for an evaluation that is given to the school district when a child is suspected of having a disability and might need special education services.

    Who can make a referral?

    • Parents
    • School Personnel
    • Agencies concerned with the welfare of students

    If you believe that your child may have a disability, you may refer your child for an evaluation by submitting a written request to your school district. When writing to the school district about special education issues, you may write to the school principal, director of special services, assistant director of special services, case manager or other appropriate school official. This must be a letter (handwritten or typed) with an original signature of the parent/guardian.

    It is important to include the following information in the referral letter:

    • Your name
    • Your child's name
    • Your child's school and grade level (if applicable)
    • Your phone number and address
    • Reason for referral or concerns

    What happens when a referral is made?

    Within 20 calendar days (excluding school holidays, but including summer vacation) following receipt of a referral of a student, the Child Study Team shall meet with the parent and the student’s regular education teacher to determine the need for a comprehensive evaluation and to design an Evaluation Plan. Upon receipt of parental consent the evaluation will begin.