•  The Special Education Eligibility Process
    Parent(s) (and adult student, when applicable) are provided with written notice of a meeting to determine student eligibility for special education and related services and, if eligible, develop an Individualized Education Program (IEP). A copy of the Parental Rights in Special Education (PRISE) document should accompany the notice.
    The participants of the eligibility meeting include:

    • Parent;
    • A teacher who is knowledgeable about the student's educational performance or district's programs;
    • The student where appropriate;
    • At least one child study team member who participated in the evaluation;
    • The case manager;
    • Other appropriate individuals at the discretion of the parent or school district;
    • For an initial eligibility meeting, certified school personnel referring the student as potentially disabled, or the school principal or designee if they choose to participate.

    Determinitation of Eligibility

    As student is considered eligible for special education if:

    • The student has one or more disabilities as defined in 6A:14-3.5(c) 1-13
    • The disability adversely affects educational performance and
    • The student needs special education and related services

    A meeting is called to plan the evaluation for a student who is suspected of having a disability. The parent and the school staff at the meeting decide the scope of the evaulations needed to be done based on concerns and data. The participants at this planning meeting are:

    • The parent
    • Child Study Team (Psychologist, Learning Consultant, and Social Worker)
    • A regular education teacher
    • Related Services providers (as needed)

    Consent & Timeline for Evaluation:

    Within 15 calendar days of the meeting the parents are provided with written notice of the evaulations that will be completed, obtain consent, and give a copy of special education rules and parent's rights. The parent has 15 days to review the proposed evaluation plan and sign the consent. Consent can be given sooner.

    The Child Study Team shall complete all evaluations, determiniation of eligibility, and, if determined eligible, develop an IEP within 90 calendar days.
    Students who have been determined eligible for special education and related services shall be reevaluated within three years from the initial classification date. The purpose of reevaluation is to determine if the student continues to meet the criteria to need special education or related services.

    Reevaluation can occur sooner at the student's parents or a teacher's request.


    For a complete list of the Special Education Process and Procedures, please refer to the New Jersey Special Education Code Chapter 6A:14